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名字 : Don Cangrejo
位子 : Calle 1era No.1606, Miramar
省份 : Ciudad de La Habana
位子 : ??
厨房的种类 : Seafood
目录 :
时间: 从  12.00 M 到  0.00 AM
经常度 :
描述 : Restaurant specialized in Moorish crab, lobster, shrimps and fishes. The renowned "Don Cangrejo" restaurant is one of those peculiar ones which captivate the client not only for its excellent dishes prepared by the best chefs, but also due to its careful service and nice environment making it one of the best restaurants in Havana.

"Don Cangrejo" has a reservoir where you may choose lobsters to your like to prepare your favorite dish, accompanied by a wide range of around 170 brands of wonderful wines, among them, French, Italian, Spanish, Chilean, Californian and Cuban wines.

Having something better than this is impossible. We are like this, the way you want us to be.

Don Cangrejo

Don Cangrejo

Don Cangrejo


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